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Robotics Team Challenges Their Build in the Sand Dunes (video & photos)

"CCD Artee Robotics Team had a wonderful day last week at Great San Dunes National Park. They completed four, technically four and a half, of the five-course challenges! The first few courses were easy for Artee (the robot), conquering all four with flying colors. The last one was a bit more challenging due to the course setup, the sun, and other factors that could have been overcome had they had more time.

Throughout the year, the team, under the leadership of student Chace Lanphear, managed to build and design a rover that won the Most Autonomous Rover Award at this challenge. We all should be very proud of what they put into this rover; from material designing to applying math and physics concepts to control and maneuver the rover.

I have nothing but high praises for them, I will not be surprised if one day we see the name of Chayce Lanphear and the like on national news about achieving prestigious awards in engineering and scientific innovation.

It's worth every penny of the NASA Space Grant to make this challenge possible. They made us all very proud."

-Dzung Nguyen, CCD Mathematics Professor

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