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Nominate a Fellow CityHawk for a Student Award

Do you know a student that should be recognized for their outstanding work on campus? Nominate them for the annual Student Awards! Nominations are open for the following awards:

-Distinguished Student Award: Recognizes students for their leadership on campus and their outstanding academic achievement. The recipient will speak at the annual Student Awards Ceremony and will be recognized at the Commencement Celebration on May 11th.

-The Grit Award: Recognizes students who have overcome adversity and still achieved success at CCD. Three awards will be presented.

-Outstanding New Student Award: Recognizes students who are new to CCD and have already made a positive contribution to the College. Two students will be selected: one from CCD Auraria Campus and one from Lowry campus.

-Outstanding Student Club/Organization: Recognizes a student organization or club for their outstanding involvement and dedication to CCD and the Community.

-President's Service Award: Recognizes outstanding students for their overall contribution to the college and the communities it serves. Ten awards will be presented by the college president.

Submit your nomination here!

All nominations are due March 3, 2023.

Questions? Contact SPARC at 303.556.2597 or

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