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Droning On: Northwest Mountain Edition (Free Event)

The Drone Outreach and Engagement Team is excited to announce that the FAA, in collaboration with Aims Community College, is hosting a fall drone event in Greeley, Colorado. The goal is to highlight the societal, economic, and educational benefits of drones for the general-public, through a series of events focusing on different audiences.

Droning On: Northwest Mountain Edition will take place October 5 through 6, 2023, at Aims Community College, 4901 west 20th Street Greeley, CO 80634. This event is free and consists of two days of activities.

Thursday, October 5, 2023: Public Service Day

Public Safety training

Panels on Rules and Regulations

Government best practices and resources

Q&A with the FAA

Friday, October 6, 2023: Drone Education Day

Careers in drones

Tools for educators

Hands on activities

Information for students

There are opportunities each day for everyone to learn about this fast-growing aviation technology. On Thursday, you will learn about the incredible operational uses of drones in public safety, within our governments, and in research. Friday, there will have presenters from a few colleges, in addition to the FAA who will share how school programs are addressing the growing drone workforce. There will be demonstrations at the end of each day for you to enjoy.

Click here to register!

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