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Dreaming Beyond Limits: How CCD Students Excel with Dream.US Scholarship

"Community College of Denver (CCD) has been collaborating with Dream.US Scholarship since 2016 to offer affordable higher education to 112 immigrant students. As a Hispanic-serving institution, CCD values diversity, equity, and inclusion. Dream.US is a program designed to support undocumented students who lack the necessary resources to pursue a college degree. The partnership between CCD and Dream.US is a perfect fit for this cause. 

We could talk numbers all day, but numbers are less significant and far less impactful than the stories of student success like Jonathon’s, Avryl’s, or Stefany’s academic journeys. Moving to a new country is understandably scary; making your dreams come true can also be scary. The Dream.US scholarship has made this transition into the next chapter of students’ lives a bit less intimidating."

Click here to read the full article on CityHawk Talk!

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