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CCD Website Updates

Dear CityHawks,


Community College of Denver was ecstatic to reveal a fresh wave of updates to our website this month! With user experience at the forefront of design innovation, our latest improvements aim to make your online journey smoother and more accessible.


The events calendar is now better than ever, and with a brand-new academic calendar, it makes keeping up with important dates and events that much easier for students.


Program & Department Pages

All program and department pages received a design refresh. Technology and how we use it is ever evolving and we’ve strived to simplify the navigation process and do it in as few clicks as possible. For those using mobile devices, such as a phone or tablet, the updated design boosts a seamless browsing experience.



CCD is committed to further emphasizing the importance of accessibility and compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This includes five additional language options, smart contrast, larger text, and many more options in the accessibility menu.


CCD is constantly striving to improve your online experience. Explore the new features soon as we continue to enhance our digital presence at



 CCD News

This is what we've been working on!


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