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CCD Student Wins Auraria Votes "I Voted" Sticker Competition

Zain Dada is a first-year CCD student currently studying Computer Science. Zain's design won Auraria Votes “I Voted” Sticker Design Competition! 

Zain Dada's Winning Sticker Design:

Bio and Design Inspiration:


My name is Zain Dada, and I am 34 years old. My parents are immigrants from South Asia, and I'm a first generation American who grew up in Davenport, Iowa. During COVID, I moved to Denver from the San Francisco Bay Area—primarily for a change of scenery, and to pursue my passion for activism/politics in Colorado's capitol city.


While living in San Francisco for seven years, I got the amazing opportunity work for Google (in Mountain View, California) in IT Support. I was hired there despite only ever taking a few formal Computer Science classes (and being mostly self-taught).


Hence why I am at CCD to further my studies Computer Science. I'm hoping to get a more formal education in IT and obtain my CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications so that I can take a new step in my career.


Similarly, I'm completely self-taught in graphic design. Graphic design and photography have been my hobbies since I got my first DSLR (camera) in high school. Since then, I have been doing freelance graphic and web design projects for several small businesses.


When I saw this contest to design a sticker for the upcoming elections, I saw it as an opportunity to challenge myself and practice my graphic design skills—while also contributing to my passion in politics. 

My design for the "I Voted" sticker draws inspiration from 3 distinct yet interconnected sources - 

Community, Diversity, and Participation:

The essence of our thriving democracy lies in the collective involvement of individuals from diverse backgrounds. To symbolize this, my design features hands of various shades, which are raised in unison to signify both active participation, and the elevation of voices/concerns towards our elected leaders. This collective act is framed by the unique skyline of Denver— our capital city— reinforcing the interconnectedness of community and civic engagement.


Denver's Identity:

Incorporating elements from the flag and skyline of Denver, I aimed to capture the city's unique character. The patriotic colors of "red, white, and blue" are meant to mirror Denver's flag (and the US flag). The arrangement of these colors— with red at the bottom, white in the middle, and blue on top-pays homage to the distinctive design of Denver's flag. One of the raised hands is yellow, since Denver's flag incorporates this color to reflect our "300 days of sunshine". This also helps bring some visual contrast to the overall design. 

Multilingual Representation:

Embracing the growing diversity within Denver, I integrated the phrase "I Voted" in multiple languages— a nod to the inclusive approach adopted by other large counties-such as Santa Clara County in California. This linguistic diversity reflects the city's evolving demographics and underlines the importance of every resident's participation in the democratic.

Congratulations, Zain!

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