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Calling All First-Gen Staff, Students, Graduates, and Allies!

Do You have 30 minutes? Were YOU a first-generation student? Do you have a passion for supporting first-generation students?

Your CCD Academic Advising and Student Success Center is planning a series of Student Success Workshops called “EnJOY CCD.” Designed to take place over several Wednesdays from Noon to 12:30 p.m. on Zoom, EnJOY CCD will:

  • bring joy, inclusion, encouragement, hope, and a sense of belonging to our students

  • give us another way to be a community that uplifts each other

  • create a forum for the expression of genuine caring between students, staff, and alumni

  • appeal to 1st Generation students and enable us to hold space for them

  • let us have fun together

Think of it as a “pep talk” to give students encouragement. This is where YOU come in: as a guest host, Zoom chat manager, active participant, or special guest to tell your story.

Each workshop has a theme, such as: You Belong Here, Grit and Determination, Share Your Story, Growth Mindset, You Have What It Takes, Your Community (You’re Not Alone), Finishing Strong, and Pride in Accomplishments, to name a few.

Please email and if you are interested in being a part of one or more workshops. Share this information with any graduating students, alumni, or other folks in your department who resonate with this work.

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