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Bookstore Changes are Coming!

The Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) and CCD have big news to share about new and exciting changes to the bookstore!

Beginning October 1, 2023, Tivoli Station, the campus bookstore, will no longer be operated by Barnes & Noble. The Auraria Campus bookstore will be taken over by the company Follett. In order to revamp the space, the bookstore will be closed from September 22 through October 1. Contrary to the email you received from CCD News last week, Barnes & Noble decided to shut down early.

What’s Changing?

Students will be able to purchase books online using their S# and password once the new bookstore website is launched. There will be an option to ship to the store or choose to have them shipped to their home. Books will still be available to purchase in person as well. Buying books will remain the same for students using their Financial Aid wallet.

New merchandise or “swag,” such as t-shirts, planners, etc., will also be added.

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