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AurariaNet Update: Summer Buildings

Dear CityHawks, 


By now, you may have heard about AurariaNet and the modifications happening to Auraria Campus WiFi. Here’s an important update on which buildings will be undergoing change to the new centralized network during the summer months.


Community College of Denver, along with CU Denver, MSU Denver, and AHEC, will be making changes to the campus’ WiFi networks. Instead of each building and institution having its own network, AurariaNet and AurariaNet Guest will be a centralized network across the Auraria campus, meaning you will no longer need to log in and out between buildings.



The Arts building was the first to be equipped with AurariaNet in April 2024. Please see below for which buildings on campus will be affected starting July 1, 2024.


Beginning July 1, the following buildings will be transitioned to AurariaNet:

  • Bear Creek

  • Boulder Creek

  • Central Classroom

  • Cherry Creek

  • City Heights

  • Clear Creek

  • Confluence

  • King Center

  • Modulars

  • North Classroom

  • Plaza

  • PE/Event Center

  • Science

  • CU Denver Student Commons

  • Student Success

  • CU Denver Lola & Rob Salazar Student Wellness Center


Beginning August 1, the following buildings will be transitioned to AurariaNet:

  • Tivoli Student Union

  • West Classroom

Map of Auraria Campus.
A map of the Auraria Campus.

How to Get Started?   

On a computer: 

1.      Click on the internet icon on the Wi-Fi icon in the top right menu.  

2.      You should see AurariaNet. Select this option.   

3.      Enter your full CCD email and password.   

4.      Select “connect automatically” so that you will not have to enter your login details again.   


On a cell phone:

1.      Go to the settings and click “Wi-Fi.”  

2.      Select the AurariaNet option.   

3.      Enter your full CCD email and password.   

4.      Most phones will remember a network you log in to so you won’t need to log in again.   



Please contact CCD's Help Desk if you have any questions and to provide feedback. 


Additional buildings are scheduled to transition to the AurariaNetnetwork in August. Be sure to keep an eye out for more details and updates at!




 CCD News

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